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Pamper Your Kitty Cat In More Ways Than One

Posted on October 24 2016

There are many ways to pamper your furry feline friend. Love them, feed them well, play with them and spoil them with an
assortment of exciting gifts! 

Cats are great observers: Oh boy, don't they just love to sit and
watch the world around them. Always make room for them by a window seal or on a couch with a window view, they will be sure to own that spot. Watch them as they gleefully observe the butterfly’s zip around the garden and the birds tweet away! Give them a couch and put a blanket that’s easy to clean or buy them a fancy window perch.

Time to get active: Sounds a little unreal but apparently, a lot of cats are overweight and deal with obesity. I know, a little unreal right? So it’s important you engage your cat in a number of enjoyable activities daily. Quite frankly, I think the cat will be helping you to get in shape as well. Get your kitty cat to chase a toy, or to play fetch, to run with you and let’s not forget how a piece of yarn adds to their endless fun. 

There are a plethora of cat toys to pick from that will keep your feline, stealthy friend delighted! Spoil them with catnip caves that have catnip scented bubbles bursting out of them. That kitty cat will roll, meow, dribble and purr out of pure bliss! The caves are also ideal for hiding and pouncing. Why not try a tunnel pop up cat toy for them to whizz in and out of. Just because you can, throw in a mouse cat toy

Take it to the next level and buy a playhouse cat condo and do
ensure there is a scratch post nearby, they will forever be indebted to you. So you see, pampering and looking after your furry friend is easy, achievable and fun. Who knows, maybe the next time you both decide to go for a dress up party, you might even buy your cat a costume! I’m thinking the one that the adorable Master Cat, aka "Puss in Boots” from Shrek parades in, like the one posted on YouTube!