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Not All Cat Litters Are Created Equal

Posted on June 15 2017

Yep, like my title noted, I learned that not all cat litters are created equal. For years, all my cats were outdoor little beasts, so I never knew that cat litters can either make your house stinky or dusty or both! I learned that the hard way ... when we brought this cute and irresistible kitty home -- Violet.

Without making this blog long and wordy, I'll go straight to what I found is the best cat litter there is. I got Precious Cat Premium Clumping Cat Litter in 40 pound bag directly from Amazon and it's their number one seller for the right reason -- it keeps the stink in the box for at least 7 days (if you're really tired and lazy to clean out the box), it clumps the pee and poo really well, and it is NOT dusty. Ughh, I hate how the dust coupled with the stink goes in my nose!!! Try it out. I promise you'll love too!